It all started when my dad handed me his old film camera....

I was 17 and fresh out of high school. My dad asked if I wanted to play around with his old Pentax he used during his 21 years in the Navy.

"Sure!", I said, "I'll give it a 'shot'."

I loaded up a roll of black and white film and headed to the river. I had no idea what the buttons, numbers and manual dials meant, but I was super stoked! 

I raised the camera to my eye and saw a whole new world through the viewfinder. I clicked, wound to advance the next frame and clicked again. I instantly fell in love. frames later, I took the roll into my local photo lab to be developed. Nothing came out on the film, but I didn't hesitate. I purchased another roll of film and signed up for a photography class.

18 years and many smiles later, I've always kept Photography and the amazing people I work with as a constant in my life.

I was given the gift of a camera. And I couldn't be happier!
Love you dad!