Note: Samples are unavailable due to corporate confidentiality of meeting materials captured. 
See additional details below.

100% Satisfaction guarantee. Give it a 'shot'!

Several past and recent corporate shoots include:

SB&I Olympics/Team Fun Day
Native American Youth Leadership Conference
Apparel Manufacturing and Sourcing Offsite - Bend, OR
Athlete Appearance - Bo Jackson
Sneaker Ball - BEN
Nike Design Studio Art Show



Added benefits include:

* 11+ years of corporate photography experience at a Beaverton-based Corporate Headquarters.
* Full understanding of corporate 'culture'.
* Knowledge of 'who's-who'.
* Mindful of possible distractions during presentations (example: no flashes during presentations, keeping a low-profile).
* Sr. Admin background. Self-sufficient which means less work for you.
* Large pre-existing personal network.
* Complete understanding of the importance of confidentiality.
Fortunately for me, I'm past the 'portfolio building stage' in my photography career. 
Fortunately for you, this means extra peace-of-mind.

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Hourly rates starting at $250/hour
Day rates starting at $1600/8hr day
* Need a quick turn-around to use in your multi-day meeting or for other immediate internal marketing? 
   Ask about same-day delivery.


Over the last decade, you may have seen me out-and-about photographing everything from meetings, corporate events, and corporate sponsored Art Shows to team/group photos, headshots, product launches and athlete appearances. 

With over 11 years of corporate Senior Administrative experience coupled with an equal amount of Corporate Photography experience, you'll get more out of your photographer than you ever have in the past.