All shoots include:

  • Setup and shoot time
  • Editing time
  • All high resolution images and copyright release - use them however you need!
  • 48 hour turn-around time

Below are samples of full shoots to get an idea of quantity, shoot style and editing.
As you can see, I am able to provide a lot of options in a short amount of time! 
(You'll receive all high resolution individual image files versus the small thumbnails shown below).


Sample: 10-15min Headshot Session - Studio/Formal

Sample: 10-15min Headshot Session - Outdoor/Casual

What do i wear for my headshots?

  • Solid colors are recommended. Feel free to wear that favorite Hawaiian shirt, but it may take away from those baby blues.
  • For studio/indoor shots, black shirt on a black background always looks sharp, but you can wear a different color if you want to stand out from the background a bit more.
  • Consider whether or not you'd like your company logo to be visible. 
  • Wrinkles and lint tend to stand out - the iron and lint roller are your friends!
  • If wearing white underneath a dark colored shirt, the white will show through. Consider wearing a dark layer between the two.

what if it's raining?

Got you covered! You actually have a few options:

  1. We'll scout out an outdoor location that is covered. We can usually shoot rain or shine.
  2. We can use the indoor/studio setup instead - we can use my fabric backdrops, a branded space or your office as the backdrop.
  3. If you have your heart set on the outdoor/casual 'look' and don't feel comfortable with the storm, we can always reschedule when the weather decides to cooperate!

how much space do you need for studio lighting setup?

Not much! I can work in a small space, if needed.
Conference rooms, offices, hallways - it’s surprising how little I actually need. 

If scheduling indoor/studio headshots, I will work with you to reserve a space.
I'll set up a fabric background or we can even use a branded area/wall or your office as the background!